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"PROENco" - Professional Energy Consultants, was born out of the harmonious collaboration of the engineers who make it work. The common vision, hard work and appetite for creation have led to its more compact form today. Its members gather special knowledge in the technology of Renewable Energy Sources, both in the study and construction part and in the later part of their Operation and Maintenance. Having a valuable experience, having worked earlier in projects of other major engineering companies, they are able to undertake and complete successfully any project related to Energy Saving.


PROENco is the right partner for every home customer, private individual, business, organization that wants to take advantage of the Sun, Air and Water in order to meet its energy needs


PROENCO has set itself the goal of actively contributing to the common vision of green growth. The achievement of the objective is achieved through specialized energy studies and integrated solutions for the application of the technology of the renewable energy sources, their supervision and operation, as well as their maintenance.


The mission of the company is to provide quality integrated services, personalized to the requirements of each customer, to ensure the uninterrupted production of clean energy



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Hara Papadakis is a graduate of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, specializing in the field of Energy.
At the beginning of her career she worked at the well-known Vodafone telecommunications company as Network Engineer. He then moved to the Energy sector and now has more than 6 years of experience in the field of design, licensing, construction and maintenance of RES systems. At the same time, he also acts as an Energy Inspector of Buildings.
In 2018, she moved on to her next business step, turning her interest in the environment into a business idea by setting up PROENco. Undertakes to develop significant photovoltaic projects through the Net Metering and Autonomous Systems, as well as studies on integrated energy solutions.

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Kanakis Iosif is a graduate of Electrical Engineering at the Higher Technological Institute of Heraklion, Crete.
He started his career as an Electrical Installer in his family business where he undertook the maintenance and renovation of Hotel and Industrial Units. Then, through his collaboration with BKM Works, he helped to undertake, erect and execute public works in the Municipality of Heraklion. At the same time, as an external partner of Technohimiki Ltd., he
contributed to the construction and maintenance of the electromechanical part in objects such as swimming pools, hammam, saunas etc.
He has attended a number of seminars on his profession, with the aim of continuous training and information. He was certified as a KNX Partner to provide consulting services for building automation and communication with the open KNX protocol. Utilizing the special knowledge and skills he has acquired, he undertakes the whole range of facilities for "smart" buildings and automation applications.
In 2018 he becomes a member of PROENCO and undertakes the design, supervision and implementation of electrical industrial installations.