Uninterruptible power and backup power solutions

A backup system is absolutely necessary in cases where there is a need for a continuous supply of electricity but this is not guaranteed by the provider itself or the network operator. We have such phenomena in areas with frequent power outages such as islands or other remote areas, businesses with sensitive products (refrigerators, kiosks, canteens, restaurants, ATMs etc), homes and services with permanent medical equipment (hospitals, mobile support units), telecommunications companies and more.


The inverter / charger is connected to the mains and accumulators. As long as the power supply is available, the inverter / charger acts as a battery charger for energy storage, and in the event of a power failure or overvoltage or fluctuation, the inverter / charger acts as a transducer, pulling energy from the batteries, uninterrupted operation of the load until the electrical network returns
System using generator - photovoltaic - inverter / charger - accumulators:
It is possible to install systems for uninterrupted power supply through the use of Photovoltaic panels which can, by means of an appropriate inverter, supply our loads as long as they have sunshine and at the same time charge the batteries, so during the night or continuous clouds our loads are fed through our accumulators. The system also offers the possibility in cases where solar energy coverage is insufficient to activate the generator on its own to cover both our needs and the charging of the batteries.. 

Advantages :

Continuous and uninterruptible power supply
Saving fuel - cost
Solutions in remote areas from a power grid
Minimal to zero maintenance

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