Our solar pumps offer a solution to your needs for pumping water in remote areas and where it is necessary to avoid a diesel-powered pump.
Solar water pumps operate with electricity generated by photovoltaic panels.


A solar pump system consists of:

  1. Solar panels

  2. The charging regulator or inverter

  3. Water pump

No batteries are used to store the generated electricity. The pump will work continuously to fill your tank as long as there is sunlight


Advantages of Using a Solar Water Pump System:
It can be used in places where there is no electricity network coverage for pumping water from wells, wells and tanks . 


Applications in:

  • Farms

  • Agricultural units

  • Field irrigation

  • Greenhouse cultures

  • Tree crops

  • Water supply of homes  

It is possible to install a suitable system for existing three-phase or single-phase pumps.

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