Following the entry into force of Law 4203/2013 (Government Gazette 235 / Α / 01.11.2013), it was announced that from 15/01/2014 the interested parties for the installation of small wind farms with a power of up to 50 kW (which are exempted from the obligation production license), may submit applications with the necessary supporting documents for the provision of an Association Offer, to the Directorate for the Management of ISPM Islands.

The installation of small wind turbines up to 50 kW is possible on plots or fields, giving every citizen the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of wind power with vertical or horizontal axis machines. Small vertical wind turbines A / C have the benefit of less acoustic nuisance but is at the same time less energy efficient. The horizontal wind turbines works with relatively higher noise levels, but they are more mature machines and this is proven to be their highest productivity.
For example, a 50kW wind turbine can produce up to 250 MWh per year, an amount of energy capable of covering the energy consumed by more than 60 households. At the same time, it helps to save 275 tonnes of CO2 emitted from conventional forms of energy production.
The size of a small wind turbine ranges from systems with a diameter of less than one meter and a power of less than one kW up to 20 meters in diameter and 50 kW.

What we do:

PROENCO undertakes the elaboration of a technical-economic and environmental study, as well as the execution of licensing procedures for the installation of small wind turbines.
Our specialized personnel also undertakes the procurement and installation of the equipment.
At the same time, a tele monitoring system is used to ensure the high efficiency of the small wind system and the investment of our customers.


Please contact us for further information and a declaration of interest.